The company has been founded in 1994 and belongs, since December 2018, to Matec Group.
Roiter hose division develops, manufactures and markets rubber industrial hoses throughout the world. These high quality products are produced in Rovigo plants (Italy), based on knowledge gained by many years of experience.
Gained from our company’s long tradition, our expertise in the production and use of rubber and plastic products, together with our commitment to maintain the highest quality standards in every area, as well as our dedication to customer service all guarantee a continued strengthening of our position as a global leader. Significant ongoing investments in R&D, provide us with continually improving quality and products highly adapted for today’s markets. Businesses and industries of all sizes have a wide range of hose requirements.

ROITER carries out a full assortment of customized special solutions for individual application of industrial hoses like dredging hoses, bunker hoses, peristaltic pump hoses, concrete pump hoses and large diameter material handling hoses (up to a nominal diameter of roughly 24”~ 609 mm).

ROITER acts as global player on the industrial hose market and it is able to serve the full customer demand of industrial rubber hoses (from extruded Long-Length to Mandrel Built Hoses).
Whether in agriculture and food industry, in the building and environmental industry, in the chemical industry or in material handling, ROITER division is able to offer its product for nearly every imaginable application:
• Food
• Abrasion
• Mineral Oil
• Vehicle
• Steam and Hot Water
• Chemicals
• Industrial Water
• Compressed Air and Gas
• Special Applications


The Company owns roughly 18.200 Square Meters of land, of which about 8.000 are occupied by buildings.
The facility is split in three different areas:


Production Capability

1 Milioni Meter

12 Product Lines

2 Calander Line

2 Autoclaves

Crimping Facilities

Pressure Test Station


40 m lengths: from 10 mm up to 254 mm (10”); with or without spiral reinforcements. In short lengths: from 6 mm up to 609 mm.

Hose Ends

  • Plain: straight end
  • Capped ends: rubber cap to protect textile reinforcement from contact with medium.
  • Soft ends: spiral wire is terminated before the end of the hose to facilitate coupling insertion.
  • Enlarged ends: to match the outside diameter of pipe to be connected.

End Fittings

  • End fittings can be fixed by “Crimping” system, or can be “Built in” fixed directly at the hose ends.
  • Fittings are usually made in carbon steel or in stainless steel


Built-in and not coated


• suction and delivery
• not abrasive (water) and no aggressive chemicals

Built-in and coated


• suction and delivery
• food, dry sandblasting, aggressive chemicals and dredging

Integral rubber flange

(without contact between medium and steel)


• suction and delivery
• dry sandblasting, strong aggressive chemicals where any contact between medium is avoid
• with rings particularly suitable for dredging at full vacuum and for maximum flexibility

Beaded ends

• suction and delivery
• dry sandblasting, strong aggressive chemicals and dredging
• for low pressure applications